Pravin Bowry

Pravin Bowry

Pravin Bowry

Pravin Bowry has been in practice since 1971 having graduated from the Kenya School of Law where he was awarded the Law Society Prize for the Best Academic Performance in 1971.

He Practiced in Nakuru until about 1989 and then joined with Mr. D.K.Maraga, now a Judge of the Court of Appeal who joined the judiciary of the High Court of Kenya in October, 2008 and later promoted to the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Bowry is a renowned and fearless Practitioner, having undertaken some of the most sensitive and politically volatile cases involving intricate legal issues. He has the distinction of defending personalities ranging from Chief Justices, Members of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries, Advocates and has appeared infamous cases such as the Goldenberge Inquiry, the murder trial of Johanna Anguka in the “Ouko murder trial”, and the Makhalla trial involving the disappearance and murder in the world famous Maasai Mara, of an English girl, Julie Ward.

Mr. Bowry was instrumental in prosecuting a Constitutional case that successfully led to the Kenya Anti Corruption Authority (KACA) being declared unconstitutional, only later to become for a short duration, the Assistant Director (Legal Services) of KACA’s successor, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACCA)

Mr. Bowry has been a columnist with the Standard since 2008 where he writes a popular weekly column on matters related to law.

Criminal and constitutional lawyer of 40 years standing with vast experience as a general practitioner in rural Kenya having started his legal practice in Nakuru and thereafter specializing in Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

Mr. Bowry is an expert in court procedures and rules of evidence and has fearlessly defended many sensitive and intricate cases lasting for long durations. He has gained vast experience in Anti-corruption legislation with firsthand experience in major Corruption cases, both on an advisory and litigation capacity and later, during his stint at the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission where he served as an Assistant Director in Charge of Legal Services.

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