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Intellectual Property, Technology and Entertainment Law

The firm is a keen supporter of fostering economic growth, development and cultural vitality through Intellectual Property (IP) protection. We believe, by creating awareness of IP protection mechanisms, both businesses and individuals can reap the full benefits of their inventions, creative works and designs.

We specialise in trademarks, copyright, design rights and patents, focusing on registration, licensing and litigation in these fields with appearances in the Kenya Industrial Property Tribunal.

Our IP department provides a unique advisory framework on IP strategy, asset management and investment. This framework has been implemented in communities such as the Maasai community in the Mara region, the Kenyan art industry, trans-African businesses and start-ups alike.

The firm has been actively involved in a number of matters involving entertainment law and is proficient in handing matters involving agreements – talent agreements, author agreements, producer agreements, distribution agreements, festivals and events management, licensing and assignment of licences and rights – digital media and gaming issues, brand and image rights protection; and, intellectual property issues involving trademarks, copyright, patents and industrial designs for musicians, bands, music composers, music and video producers, advertisers, actors, artists, publishers and authors, social media influencers and fashion designers.