Employment and Labour Law

Bowry & Company Advocates undertakes all employment and labour matters and has vast experience in handling issues related to employment contracts, termination and redundancy, due diligence and strategic planning, drafting and review of workplace policies and human resource manuals, and collective bargaining agreements.

Commercial and Tax Law

The demography of commercial law in the country has changed dramatically. Old pre-independence laws and English legislation have and are being replaced. There is now a new Companies Act with 1026 sections and a new Insolvency Act of 2015. The Limited Liability Partnership Act is another conceptional change in running a business. The citizen is […]

Intellectual Property, Technology and Entertainment Law

The firm is a keen supporter of fostering economic growth, development and cultural vitality through Intellectual Property (IP) protection. We believe, by creating awareness of IP protection mechanisms, both businesses and individuals can reap the full benefits of their inventions, creative works and designs. We specialise in trademarks, copyright, design rights and patents, focusing on […]

Land Law, Conveyancing and Environment

The firm has a conveyancing department and also undertakes land related litigation in the Environment and Land Court. Interesting cases, such as Joseph Boro Ngera & Supaduka Nakuru Limited vs. Kenya Wildlife Services Civil Appeal No. 173 of 1991[1998] eKLR and many others have received national attention.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

The firm takes great pride in having undertaken many cases touching on the constitution and Human Rights with experience gained from actively working for human rights NGO. Mr. Bowry and Mr. Naeku have successfully been involved in many historical and intricate court matters. Students of law will undoubtedly have come across the following cases: • […]

Family Law, Children Matters and Succession and Estate Planning

The firm undertakes family law matters including adoption, custody and maintenance in the children’s Courts, division of matrimonial property, and divorce matters. The changes brought about by the Matrimonial Property Act of 2013 and the Marriage Act, 2014 have resulted in a new regime of family law and the firm is well placed to undertake […]

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm undertakes all civil and criminal litigation in Subordinate Courts, all divisions of the High Court, Environment and Land Court, Employment and Labour Relations Courts Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Including various tribunals such as the Business Premises Tribunal, Rent Restriction Tribunal, Capital Markets Tribunal and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Appeals Tribunal […]