Guide to the Laws of Kenya

I am pleased to announce that my book “Guide to the Laws of Kenya” is now on sale.  It is published by “Law Africa” and is being sold for KShs.2,990/=   The book (ISBN 9966 – 53-098-1) can be purchased from Text Book Centre, Prestige Bookshop and other outlets. The book will be useful to all… […]

The Kenyan Legislative Tsunami and the Looming Legal Showdown of Mammoth Proportions

Pursuant to a three – Judge bench Constitutional Court judgment delivered on 29th October, 2020 in the Consolidated Human Rights High Court Petitions 284 and 353 of 2019 by the Hon. Justices Ngaah Jairus, Anthony Ndungu and Mumbua T. Matheka, 23 Acts of Parliament were declared unconstitutional, null and void. The Acts declared unconstitutional are… […]

Time for Reforms in Marriage Laws

Marriage. Buying a house. Having children – a dream come true and utopia for any young Kenyan. And then, sometimes, a broken dream. A broken marriage for whatever reason. Divorce or separation tug of war for children, splitting of the house and properties. And then begins the Kenyan legal nightmare related to marriage laws, childrens’… […]

A personal anecdote: Poachers and One Peter Beard

I must share a small but profound encounter which took place over 50 years ago with a world-renowned person – one Peter Beard, now deceased. Something to do with poachers. Poachers provoke me.  I was called a poacher by non other than one of my pupils – now a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University in… […]

Criminality in Government Registries – The Bane of Wanjiku

Heard of Wanjiku? Wanjiku is that ordinary downtrodden, overburdened, perhaps barefooted Kenyan, carrying on her back a heavy stack of Kenyan woes. For the record, Wanjiku was born, and epitomized, when the late President Daniel Arap Moi, with his iron fist, repeatedly declined calls for a new Constitution. Wanjiku has a brother in the English… […]

Law –Bila Maneno –An introduction

Today, 3rd July, 2020, is a momentous day for me – I will be entering my 50th year as a practising Advocate, and am celebrating the event by launching this blog – related to all aspects and challenges of Kenyan law, lawyers and intricate web the emerging jurisprudence poses. The blog is published under the… […]

Unconstitutional laws, supremacy of parliament and the role of judiciary

A citizen is led to believe that once an Act of Parliament has passed through the National Assembly, assented to by the President, date of commencement determined and duly published in the Kenya Gazette, the law is cast in stone. Really? An analysis of the legal position points to a contrasting scenario. Since the promulgation… […]

Lessons For Kenya in Tomato Patent War

Kenya: For over a century courts have been embroiled in legal battles relating to the humble tomato. And even today there are cases between nations and multi-nationals quibbling over this crop which some have termed ‘the evil tomato’. In the 1893, the American case of Nix vs. Hidden, the US Supreme Court in an action […]