Dilema Of Vetting Judges And Magistrates

Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board came into existence in 2011 after the enactment of the Vetting of Judges and Magistrates Act, which establishes the Board and its life since then begs many questions on its efficacy, challenges and usefulness. The Board’s main objective is to vet the suitability of all the Judges and Magistrates who […]

Demystifying Everyday Legal Issues

Any Advocate will tell you that everyday they are consistently being asked any number of questions on issues that face Kenyans whenever they are stopped by the police either while walking or while driving and as such I have attempted to answer a few of them:- Do backseat passengers in a private motor vehicle need […]

Address Delays In The Justice System

Delay in the dispensation of justice in modern and fast developing Kenya is a matter of great concern. Increased awareness of one’s rights, rising educational levels, more legal representation by the ever increasing battery of lawyers all has resulted in citizens seeking redress from the courts. Post 2010 Constitution bold attempts have been made to […]

Death Row Convicts Have Rights Which States Need To Respect

Last week the Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence in a murder case appeal, as it has done time and again, knowing only too well that the sentence of death in reality will never be carried out. The rights of death row convicts has surfaced once again in a highly publicized case in India […]

Addressing the Plight of Children

An advertisement in the press last week given by philanthropic bodies associated with the well being of children such as the Kenya Paediatric Association, Kenya Medical Association, Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation and others brought to the attention of Kenyans the publication of the Traffic(Amendment) Bill 2014. The Bill sponsored by Laisamis Member of Parliament Joseph Lekuton […]

Address deplorable management flaws in legal circles

Going to a police station, to the courts or prisons or to land offices, or various governmental offices is a routine, common place and day to day humdrum activity of a citizen who most likely is a voter and tax payer. Even after all the physic of national values and principles of good governance and […]

A New Era for Victims of Crime in Kenya

After years of suffering in silence, the plight of victims of crime in Kenya has at last been addressed as envisaged in Article 50(9) of the Constitution. The President assented to the Victims Protection Act on the 14th of September, 2014. In the justice system the rights of the accused and those of the victims […]